Ace Klassical Design & Field Works

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We deliver winning projects with utmost professionalism and within the budgeted cost, time and quality.

We believe in

– Creating/adding unlimited value to clients satisfaction

– Taking Designs & Construction to a Greater Height

– Rendering excellent services & innovative solution

– Connect our Esteem Client to their Projects

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

In Ace Klassical Designs & Fieldworks Limited, good health, safety measure and protection of the environment is very well considered as activities/operations are carried out..

The promotion of health ,safety and protection of the environment of employees, supplier, subcontractors and the communities where operation are being carried out is the responsibility of every employee.

Ace Klassical Designs & Fieldworks Limited is committed in all aspect of her operation to pursue the

goal of no harm to people, protect the environment, consult with all stakeholders and publicly report

any performance.

We manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity and by so doing, earn confidence of

client, employees and the society at large ,be a good neighbour and contribute to sustainable development. Team leaders, Managers, suppliers and subcontractors have primary responsibility for

health, safety and environment matters in their respective strategic business unit and are accountable to corporate with management.

Our People

At Ace Klassical Design & Field Works Limited, we strongly believe that our team of professionals

is the greatest asset we possess.

We are a multidisciplinary company of Consulting Architects, Builders, Engineers (Structural,

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical), Cost Analysts and Project Managers mainly committed to efficient

and timely completion of Building & Civil Engineering projects within the limits of the awarded

contract, price and also committed to excellence.

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